Here is a Sriracha Keto-Friendly Version you will surely thank us for. Maintaining this diet persuades the body to metabolize its body fat to produce energy. And with only has 2g net carbs per serving, so it won't sabotage your health! So, is sriracha Keto? #keto #lowcarb Bursting with favor, this Easy Keto Sriracha Lime Chicken Recipe cooks quickly and is finished in a delicious garlic infused low-carb sauce that’s sweet and spicy, with hint of lime juice. At the same time, sriracha has no protein and fat, which contradicts the main idea of the keto diet. To make it sweet, we will use keto-friendly sweeteners. Keto food items have many fats and proteins. It practically has the same ingredients minus the dreaded sugar. What I love about making my own sriracha is that I can adjust the heat to my taste using different chilies and it's completely keto friendly. A teaspoon of the sriracha sauce contains 3-5 grams of carbs, which is rather insignificant. I made this sriracha with fresh chilies, garlic, bell pepper, vinegar and salt and followed the 7-day fermenting technique from Steamy Kitchen which worked perfectly. The same maker of the famous sriracha sauce, also makes chili garlic sauce. 10 tbsp butter, melted keto sriracha hollandaise ingredients To make this awesomely tangy, spicy, and fat-filled sauce, you’ll need to grab the following ingredients. Sriracha is a hot sauce made using a paste of different chilies, garlic, vinegar, and some more ingredients. Is Sriracha Keto Friendly? Accordingly, it will not hurt you to eat a few teaspoons of the sauce a day. As per WebMD, a Keto Diet consists of foods that have minimal carbohydrate in it. Is sriracha keto-friendly?