A walking foot assists in keeping the lines matched on multiple layers of plaid fabrics. Because a walking foot has feed dogs on the bottom of the foot, it works together with the feed dogs on your machine to evenly guide both layers of fabric through the machine. View Class on sewedclasses.com If you like this class These May also be something you'd enjoy Generally, a Walking Foot allows you to sew thick layers easily. Video instructions for Walking Foot. When to use a walking foot. When to Use Your Walking Foot. (Opening new window.) This foot is also great for sewing […] A walking foot is a quilter's best friend. Knowing how to use a walking foot will help you avoid puckers in your quilt. A walking foot can make a pesky job trouble free. How to use a walking foot. These handy machine attachments work by moving the top part of your quilt along with the bottom part, sort of like feed dogs for the top of a quilt. Another use for the walking foot is sewing slippery or “sticky” fabrics, but I will talk more about that next week. (Find out more about how to sew stretchy knit fabric here.) It feeds the backing, batting, and quilt top through the machine evenly, and can be used to quilt gentle curves or to machine quilt in the ditch. Learn how to use a walking foot to evenly feed fabric layers for a professional finish. A walking foot, also called a quilting foot, is a sewing machine accessory with built-in feed dogs to guide two or more layers of fabric evenly through your machine. SA140 / F033N. A walking foot, also called a “quilting foot,” is a sewing machine accessory with built-in feed does to help guide multiple layers of heavy-duty fabric through the machine. Using a Walking Foot on your sewing machine presents several unique benefits. I’ve used a Distinctive walking foot for a few years, and it’s been fantastic. Video Length: 22:55 minutes. >> For details, please refer to the operation manual. MATCHING PLAIDS & STRIPES: The walking foot prevents the fabric from shifting while sewing so … A walking foot, also know as an even feed foot, is a weird crab looking sewing machine foot that comes in handy when sewing with fabrics that are prone to slipping, shifting or puckering while sewing. The walking foot also keeps knit fabrics from puckering while sewing them. The Walking foot and Deluxe Walking foot will work with most Baby Lock machines, while the Digital Dual Feed works with a selection of Baby Lock machines. There are certain projects that turns out better when you attach a Walking Foot to your sewing machine. This would include fleece, minky, vinyl, leather, laminated cotton, silk, velvet, etc. * This movie is being streamed from YouTube. Click on the image to play the video instructions.