Making goat cheese felt a lot like a science experiment. Add at the same time as adding milk to distribute evenly throughout the cheese. In a large sauce pot over medium heat, bring the milk to a slow boil; be careful not to scorch. If you wait until the whey begins to push out, your cheese won’t be quite so creamy at the end. The texture of homemade goat cheese made with vinegar (or lemon juice) tends to be a bit more springy and spongy and slightly less creamy. 6 Steps to Make Goat Cheese. Strain Your Fresh Warm Goats Milk Step 1: Milk Preparation. ), cheese salt and molds. How to Make Goat Cheese. I compared the recipes for creamy versus firm and we were off to the races. The first decision we had to make was, creamy or firm? Making cream cheese is very similar to making quark cheese.. When your milk looks like tofu, take a knife and make a cut in the curd mass. As the milk really bubbles up, turn off the heat and pour in the vinegar; wait for the milk to curdle, then pour it through a cheesecloth … Add dried onion and salt, if desired. How to Make Cream Cheese. The principle difference is that homemade cream cheese uses a very small amount of rennet to produce a stiffer consistency than that of quark. The kit included citric acid, a thermometer, cheesecloth (now I know how it got its name! This article explains how to make cream cheese from goat milk cream. Creamy goat cheese is a delicious side or appetizer on its own, but marinating the goat cheese can make it even more memorable. I love to make plain goats cheese, and then adapt smaller portions to individual meals/uses. However, you can also flavor the entire batch. For a classic marinated goat cheese, place goat cheese slices in a jar with an abundance of fresh herbs and extra-virgin olive oil. We voted for firm. Here are a few options: You can make a herbed goat cheese using dried herbs such as chives, thyme, rosemary, etc. The texture of your homemade goat cheese should be smooth and creamy, although it is likely to be less creamy than fresh goat bought at the store.