This creates a system that is both economical and accurate. You are wrong! The focuser is the most "visible" part of any telescope with the exception of the optics themselves. In addition, we use the newest wireless magnetic encoder technology that are both very accurate andvery low power consuming. 0.08°, but displayed in app as 0.1°. . It has cutouts to hold one 2” eyepiece and three 1.25” eyepieces. 8x50mm Fully multi-coated achromatic finder. This dobsonian is also a very good beginner telescope. The finest focuser GSO manufacturer has to offer. However, your Dobsonian is not so user friendly without added tools to help searching objects at night. 10" & 12" Dobsonian are available to pick up for local customers. The accuracy test was published 02/12/2017. Smooth Focusing Action The Crayford style focusing control makes achieving precise focus for visual observations and astrophotography a breeze and you will experience very smooth and precisely controlled focuser motion with zero backlash and zero image shift.Â. . 2100 (include), 6 mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . Rs. It gives clear, bright wide-field views of deep sky objects such as star clusters and nebulae. 2280, 12 mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . Rs. ~ 0.5°(single star alignment), < 0.2° (multi-stars alignment). Rs. Basic Manual for Focuser Adjustment & Optical Alignment. . The included 8x50 finder scope is bright aiming tool for the 8" Dobsonian telescope. Our system takes advantage of the advances of smart phone and encoder technology to produce an observing system that would have been very costly just a few years ago. . 2460, 15 mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . Rs 2640, 25 mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . Because  some issues in installation (such as horizontal and vertical motion on Dobsonian wooden base are not exactly 90°, or putting Dobsonian base on uneven ground), actual system accuracy would be 0.5. . GSO 8" F/6 Dobsonian with EASY PUSH TO (High Accuracy & Truly Bearing System ). The installation is very straightforward - just put on the azimuth and altitude encoder modules on the Dobsonian – installation only takes a few minutes. By utilizing the smart phone’s excellent display, Bluetooth and GPS functions, our app turns your smart phone into a high powered observing instrument. EZ PUSH TO features lots of other amazing features such as roaming in the deep sky and naming unknown sky objects for you. The fine-focus control knob allows you to dial-in details at a 10:1 ratio ultra-precise focusing. The app’s database includes just about all the objects that someone would want to view such as the Messier/NGC /Herschel catalogue, double and binary stars, comets and small bodies, and magnitude 10.5 stars (260,000 stars). B270 glass is equivalent to BK7 in performance and optical quality. This classic Dobsonian telescope is one of our best-sellers. . . A lightweight 4.7” diameter low-vibration cooling fan is built into the mirror cell to assure faster cool-down times. . . You could see the comparisons in pictures. Rs. . To reduce cool-down time, an included cooling fan can be plugged in (fan battery pack requires 8xAA batteries - not included) to help circulate air in the reflector optical tube for fast performance. Large load capacity: Up to approx.2.5kgs with a firm friction setting, 2" to 1.25" adaptor with compression ring and 2" filter thread, 40mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . . Tube : Net weight - 11 Kg / Gross weight: 13 Kg . Your GSO type Dobsonian, although entry level, has optics that are on par with telescopes costing thousands of dollars more. A 35mm-length 2" extension adapter is also included. The 8" Dobsonian Telescope combines powerful optics with the ultimate in mechanical simplicity and stability. Rs. . [ Subject to Availability ]. 4800, GSO SuperView 50mm 2" Wide Angle Eyepiece . . The other thumbscrew on the eyepiece end can be used to adjust the tension of the focuser to achieve a focusing "feel" that you like. An included adapter allows use of both 2" and 1.25" sized telescope eyepieces, and both holders feature non-marring compression rings to keep eyepieces in-place without scratching. . GSO Dobsonian Telescope with ROCKER BASE, 2" Crayford focuser - reduction from 2" to 1.25", Eyepiece and Accessory Tray for Eyepieces. The shipping status shows "need not shipping" because of free shipping. 1560, GSO 1.25" 32mm Camera Projection Lens (CPL) eyepiece ... Rs. The 8" Professional Dobsonian comes with an advance rocker base which is placed on the ground. The construction is made of durable metal and removable for convenient storage. Connection: Dual Module Bluetooth 2.0/4.0, Power: DC 5V ~15V Automatically, Standard DC (DC-USB cable included), Level Meter: Supported by Phone App, Custom Designed Algorithm to Ensure the Level Bias Less Than 0.2°. GSO produces parabolic primary mirrors of very high quality. Fully adjustable diagonal holder mounted on a low-diffraction four-vane thin spring steel spider. Rs. An included adapter allows use of both 2" and 1.25" sized telescope eyepieces, and both holders feature non-marring compression rings to keep eyepieces in-place without scratching. . Connect Bluetooth with the smart phone, which automatically looks at your GPS location and local time. Two telescope eyepieces are included: a big 2" 5-elements Superview 30mm focal length, and a 1.25" 4-elements Plossl 9mm focal length eyepiece. The mirror is made of B270 “water white” optical crown glass that is free of internal stress and striae. . . Manufacturers & Suppliers of Astronomical Telescopes in India, 8inch Night Watch Dobsonian Telescope by GSO, 13 FREE ITEMS with the telescope listed above. The focuser is the most "visible" part of any telescope with the exception of the optics themselves. Among all the similar products, only GSO uses truly bearing parts on axes. The wireless Bluetooth electronics installed on the Dobsonianare designed to be exposed outdoors to enhance wireless data transferring. Fully adjustable 3-point flotation system metal cell holds the primary mirror. The bracket has two hand-adjust collimation screws that work in conjunction with a third spring-loaded post in the bracket. This is why we designed the EZ PUSH TO. 2100, 9 mm Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . CNC machined from aluminum and anodized black, this focuser comes with a base plate adapter to attach to reflector telescopes.