What notes are in the g major scale for viola? Viola. 2 0. G major is the key stipulated by Queen Elizabeth II to be used for "God Save the Queen" in Canada. Sign in. The F is the only note which is sharped. The G Major scale has the same sharps no matter the instrument. For instance, the A major scale would contain C#, F#, and G#, and the D major scale would use F# and C#. 1 decade ago. We recommend that the viola student learns the lower tetrachord (on the G string) and the upper tetrachord (on the D string) before putting them together to create the G Major scale. This scale of G Major is one of the very first scales to be learned by beginner violists. How do you think about the answers? This set is what we call a key. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a0OZB. Seriously though, learn your scales; you need them. ... A Major scale has three sharps, F,C, and G. The notes in this scale are A, B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, G sharp, A. 0 0. The major arpeggio is made up of the first, third, and fifth note of the major scale. Asked by Wiki User. Source(s): around 10 years of piano, around 7 years of viola G Major has one sharp, F, therefore, when playing the F you will raise it one scale degree. It is to be played in the first position, starting on the open G string. Hope I helped! You can sign in to vote the answer. Violin G Major Scale in 3rd Position Viola G Major Scale in 3rd Position Cello 4th Position on the A-String Bass One Octave G Major Scale on 1 String Two Octave G Major Scale for All Instruments Boosting Performance Skills timbobandit. In the case of the G major scale, follow the principles above, which gives you an F#. The set sharps, naturals, and flats would then change for each scale you play. Leave all of the other notes natural. On this page you can learn the G major violin scale.Build up your understanding in different ways by using the video to link your aural and visual memories, the fingering guide to link your intellectual and physical memories, and the 'visual grid' to link the physical, visual and intellectual memories. The anthem "God Defend New Zealand" ("Aotearoa") was originally composed by John Joseph Woods in A ♭ major, but after becoming New Zealand's national anthem in 1977 was rearranged into G major to better suit general and massed singing. Viola Major Scales.