Fender might not be doing anything new in the … Thanks to its compact, comfortable body size, the Venice travels easily from the beach to the studio or jam room while retaining the classic, light sound that made the ukulele … This week I am looking at the Fender Venice Soprano. Famously bohemian Venice Beach is the inspiration behind Fender’s entry-level California Coast uke. Priced for a whim, the $59 Venice soprano comes in Black, Cherry, or a Natural wood tone, with a matching Fender … Fender has included traditional ideas with some new design aspects for players of all ages and abilities. Let’s take a look at Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele. Inspired by the entertaining sights and unique, carefree spirit of Venice, California, Fender created a soprano ukulele that captures its vibe—the Venice Ukulele. Fender Venice Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW It was many, many years until I first managed to feature a Fender ukulele on the Got A Ukulele reviews page, and then like buses, another one comes along fairly soon after.