California State University, Stanislaus is widely renowned for the strength of its nursing program, which is tailored to the fast-paced career track that many nurses require. A PhD in Nursing also prepares graduates for a career in research as nursing scientists who can contribute to … Are you wondering which are the easiest colleges to get into in California? Located at 800 N. State College Blvd. Fastest ADN Route. Best associate's degree in nursing (ADN) programs in California One of the fastest routes to becoming a registered nurse (RN) is an associate’s degree. Fullerton, this school is funded by the UnitedHealth Group to help them achieve the five-year goal of providing highly-skilled and knowledgeable nurses, making them one of the best training grounds for aspiring nurses. The highest concentration of nursing schools is in the state of California with 314. An associate’s degree or professional nursing diploma is already the quickest way to become a registered nurse, but you may be able to get your degree even quicker. Some high schools offer a practical nursing program that allows students to complete a full year of studying to become an LPN by the time they graduate. ADN to BSN degree; Best Nursing Schools in California Ranking Methodology. Depending on the school, associate’s degree options may include an associate of science or associate of art degree in nursing (ADN), an associate of applied science (AAS), or an associate's degree in licensed vocational nursing (LVN). The following are some of the best nursing programs in California offering a BSN degree. California State University—Stanislaus . In California, there are some 69 different private schools that have nursing programs on offer and over 200 top nursing schools including public. Nursing schools in California on this list were ranked mostly by NCLEX-RN pass rates, with other quality-indicating factors such as total enrollment, tuition, and acceptance rate slightly affecting the rankings to push the higher-quality nursing schools toward the top. For RNs (Registered Nurses) who want to teach and train other nurses in an academic setting, a PhD in Nursing is the best doctorate-level nursing degree to pursue. It is advisablefor students to contact at least five schools before deciding where to enroll. California Annual Salary: BSN: ADN: Difference: $109,900 : $100,990 +$8,910 (Source: Compiled using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) Per a 2015-2016 California New Graduate Hiring Survey conducted by Health Impact, nearly 88.5% of all RNs holding BSN degrees in the state of California were employed. Numerous pathways, including a pre-licensure BSN program, an LVN to BSN, and more, help students meet their nursing career goals. Why BSN is the Most Preferred Nursing Program for RNs in California? Candidates … Criteria for rating was based on the following: NCLEX-RN pass rate; Acceptance rate; Cost Per Credit Hour; Total Enrollment; Here are the Top BSN Programs in California in 2020 (Online and On-Campus) 1. The baccalaureate nursing program is available for entry-level students and those who earned an associate degree in Nursing. Below are five of the best ones, which should be able to give you a good overview of what is available. Successful graduates pass the state's NCLEX-RN exam and find meaningful work in patient care.