It is assumed that individuals must have a preference relationship between any two sets of goods; either we must be able to say that they weakly prefer A to B, or that they weakly prefer B to A, or both (indifference). Used of a flower. \[q=\sup A(p=\inf A) . (2) The set \(N\) of all naturals is bounded below (e.g., by \(1,0, \frac{1}{2},-1, \ldots\)) and \(1=\min N;\) N has no maximum, for each \(q \in N\) is exceeded by some \(n \in N\) (e.g. ( plural completeness axioms) (mathematics) The following axiom (applied to an ordered field): for any subset of the given ordered field, if there is any upper bound for this subset, then there is also a supremum for this subset, and this supremum is an element of the given ordered field (though not necessarily of the subset). If \(A\) has one lower bound \(p,\) it has many (e.g., take any \(p^{\prime}