Muffuletta is the creation of a Salvatore Lupo, a grocer at New Orleans Central Grocery on Decatur Street. It's very easy to do and, in the end, you will have plenty of olive salad for days to come. Be the first to review this recipe. ADD … MAKE IT SHINE! Almost Central Grocery Muffuletta. The origin of this sandwich dates back to 1906. Recipe by Penny Stettinius. Making the olive salad requires that you combine all of the ingredients and mix them in a food processor. Growing up in New Orleans, this sandwich was a staple. New Orleans is one of the best food objections on the planet, and the muffuletta sandwich is one of the most quintessential nourishments in New Orleans. Muffuletta Sandwich central grocery recipe - Muffuletta Sandwich. This recipe is a take on Central Grocery's olive salad mix and is an essential element of any muffuletta sandwich. It is most likely the Italian and Sicilian immigrants who brought this variety of bread to Louisiana. This recipe was printed in the Times Picayune. Or… as long as I’m quoting movies… it’s the rug that “really ties the room together.” Here’s an inspired-by Central Grocery olive salad recipe. Muffuletta. Must be consumed with a cold Barq's root beer. Applied to the iconic New Orleans muffuletta sandwich, the olive salad is most certainly “the guy… behind the guy… behind the guy.” It’s the integral piece of puzzle. Panino Muffuletta There are so many versions of the muffuletta sandwich around New Orleans, but it seems that Central Grocery in the French Quarter is the place to go. March 21, 2011 ... At Central Grocery in New Orleans, they use their famous olive salad to dress deli meats and cheeses in an irresistible sandwich.