Halls Arkansas Surgical Black Pocket Whetstone, Extra Fine This extra fine, surgical grade pocket sharpening whetstone is made of natural Arkansas Novaculite stone. Genuine Arkansas Black Surgical (Ultra Fine) Slip Stone Whetstone for Sharpening Carving Tools 4" X 1 5/8" with 1/8" and 5/16" Radius BAS-14-P 4.8 out of 5 stars 42 $29.89 3 inches long. Recommended … This is the finest knife sharpening material in the World. The unique crystalline structure of the quartz gives Arkansas stones … Genuine Arkansas Black Surgical (Ultra Fine) Pocket Knife Sharpening Stone Whetstone 3" X 1" X 1/4" in Leather Pouch Bap-13A-L 4.6 out of 5 stars 239 $20.99 $ 20 . They work well as a finishing grit or for light touch ups. 99 Having a sharpening stone close at hand is often the key to having a sharp tool. Novaculite is a rock composed of microcrystalline quartz. This is the Genuine Arkansas Black Novaculite Whetstone mined ONLY from the Ouachita Mountain region of Central Arkansas. These Hard Black Arkansas stones are very fine stones. This rare stone … Arkansas stones are quarried from from geological formations of Novaculite. Arkansas sharpening stones will sharpen all knives and tools and are the most popular sharpening stone worldwide. The Hard Black Arkansas Pocket Stones … This 1/2" THICK Black Novaculite Sharpening Stone is the REAL McCoy!