Shrugs, side and rear delt work, and hammer curls round out the speed day. Barbell without collar . From a mechanical standpoint, suspended exercises are superior to barbell pressing because there's more freedom of motion. The fixed range of motion required by a barbell bench … are there any exercises that work your pecs without the need of one? Lie down on your back in a semi supine position. Answer Save. May 01, 2017. I think your question should be "what exercises can one do with a barbell but no bench." 3 Answers. Though it is a natural movement to include in the training of athletes and strength athletes for virtually every other group a more diverse set of exercises is needed to attack the region. Otherwise, postpone the purchase and keep saving. Press without pain – 3 Alternative Exercises to Barbell Pressing. 0 0. Always check to make sure your safeties are at the correct height before you start loading weight on the bar. If you were to buy a barbell without a bench, keep to the list of exercises I have already shared in this post and add the barbell back squat and military press. lay on the floor. That said, in most cases it is bad shoulders that don’t play nice with the bench. Favorite Answer. Relevance. Personally I think a barbell, rack, and bench should be bought at the same time. i have a barbell but no bench. If you load these exercises appropriately you wont be stuck on the floor forever. Barbell without bench . If possible, bench inside a power rack with safety pins or arms. Most people assume that the barbell bench press must be bad for their shoulders. 4 years ago. Lie down on your back on one end of the bench and hold the barbell below your head height, elbows at 90 degree angles. Like overusing any exercise can be. SO…you wanna bench, but it hurts like hell when you do. There’s no denying that the barbell is a fantastic tool for building a strong and massive back. Raise the barbell and bring it on top of your chest while keeping the angles in your elbows still and slowly return to starting position. To some extent, this is true. Barbell exercises without bench. lay on a bench, table. MAXIMUS. 1 decade ago. The safety pins should be set slightly lower than where the barbell would be when touching the chest. Anonymous . barbell exercises without bench? If you don’t have a power rack, we don’t recommend you bench pressing alone. Lots of rows with dumbbells or a barbell, chest-supported rows, and low-pulley rows are rotated in and out during the weeks of training. Breathe out while raising the barbell … The main function of the pecs is to bring the arms inward towards the midline of the body. by Jack Hanrahan. also try using a resistance band.